Poroshenko: Ukrainian troops partially destroyed a column of Russian armored vehicles.

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President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko in a conversation on Friday with British Prime Minister David Cameron said that a column of Russian military vehicles and equipment intruded into the territory of Ukraine and has been partially destroyed. The announcement was published on the official website of the President of Ukraine.

“The two sides have coordinated a response to information concerning the entry onto the territory of Ukraine of Russian military equipment, which was clearly stated by international journalists, in particular ‘The Guardian’ newspaper”. The President also said that this information is true, confirmed because much of this equipment was destroyed by Ukrainian artillery during the night — also stated by the Ukrainians. It further states that Poroshenko was further assured by Cameron of firm and consistent support for Ukraine.

UNIAN news agency on Friday held a briefing with the representative of the Information Center of the NSDC Andrei Lysenko, stating that the Ukrainian side has confirmed that a column crossed the border in the vicinity of checkpoint “Izvarino”, which is controlled by “terrorists.” “The number of units involved, we will not publicize. This column was comprised of reconnaissance scouts. We took appropriate action, and the column no longer exists ”- said Lysenko. According to him, due to the presence of SAM’s with the enemy, aircraft were not used. “The tactics we use are to identify columns, track them, then destroy them,” — he said.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen reiterated that NATO has information about the Russian military column entering the territory of Ukraine. “I can confirm that last night we recorded the Russian invasion crossing the border of Ukraine” — Rasmussen told reporters in Copenhagen, where he held consultations with the Minister of Defense of Denmark. — “This is another confirmation of the fact that we are seeing a steady stream of weapons and soldiers from Russia deploying to the east of Ukraine ”-» Vedomosti «.

What does all this mean? This means that even if there was no military column, and nothing was destroyed, it doesn’t matter. Ukraine can accuse Russia of direct military intervention on the territory of Ukraine, and NATO, together with European countries will support this accusation. Here, as in the downed “Boeing” — which a week later has seen nothing published, no clear evidence (at the very least transcripts from the “black boxes”), but in fact no-one cares anymore — public opinion has fixated and confirmed the idea that the “Boeing” was hit by Russia, hence has lost interest in any further investigation. Also, the column — whether it exists or doesn’t exist seems immaterial, it is more important that the heads of state made ​​a public statement to be repeated in the media, making the media view the reality, whether in fact there was or wasn’t a column, it seems nobody cares.

For all these months we see the same pattern: Ukraine repeatedly leaps to conflict with the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation time and time again restrains itself, even when shelling by the Ukraine army kills citizens of the Russian Federation within the borders of the Russian Federation. It is exceedingly complicated for Russia to crawl away from a virtual column, because in that virtual reality lies a virtually direct act of war with Ukraine, this isa virtuality which is supported by NATO and the UK, and seems to them a wonderful justification to introduce the reality of still more sanctions (same as with the “Boeing”, despite the closed, classified results of the investigation).

There is no doubt that we are witnessing a new word in the global diplomatic lexicon — a virtual war, the sanctions for which, however, are quite real. I believe that if Russia does not finally spit on this virtual nonsense, and doesn’t in reality introduce troops, then the next time Poroshenko will report (and NATO will agree) that the entire Russian army has been soundly thrashed, and to prepare further appropriate sanctions for Russia.

As they say in a sad joke, Putin enters a McDonald’s and asks:

— Give me one opprobrium, please.
— You know, we we’re having a special today: if you order one opprobrium, you get a free war!
— But I don’t like or need a …
— Oh well, too late, it’s your’s, I’ve already rung it up!

Vladimir, resign yourself and drink in deeply from the 14 year cup of failed Ukraine policy. You will either have to give the Crimea back and to pay reparations, or war. No third path remains. The longer you hesitate, the worse your position.

It’s time to decide.